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July 2021 updates in SimplBooks

In July, we updated the software mainly in the form of small add-ons. We updated the options for additional information on documents, improved the views on bank imports and entries and added an additional option for sending Estonian e-invoices.

1. Default additional info on documents like invoices, balance checks and price offers is now translatable

2. Improved card payment recognition in bank import. Based on Estonian debit card payments, but also improved guessing of clients based on previous saved receipt/payment

3. Estonian E-invoices now contain PDF file as well and XMl invoice import checks for PDF to import as eg purchase invoice attachment instead of XML

4. Financial transactions attachments (source documents) can now be downloaded in one go within a zip catalog


ATTENTION! The topics and articles in SimplBooks blog may not be legally accurate and we recommend to consult with a professional. The authors of SimplBooks do their best, but do not take any responsibility for mistakes in the articles. Laws that change over time must also be taken into account.

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