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TOP 6 SimplBooks updates in 2021

Happy New Year! :) But, before we get to the New Year’s activities, let’s take a look at the old one – here are the TOP 6 SimplBooks updates in 2021!

1. Login with Google account

We added the ability to sign up for SimplBooks with a Google account and sign in to that Google account later. If you’ve already signed up with a Gmail account, you can also later link your Google account to a SimplBooks account. You can also unlink it at any time.


2. Keyboard shortcuts

More convenient, faster and easier! Use keyboard shortcuts to save your time.

3. Expense reports

We added the ability to enter cost statements for reporting entities.

Expense reports are used when a business owner, board member, or employee makes purchases from their personal money on behalf of the business. Enter such checks as an expense report, and you can use it to reimburse you for expenses accrued in your company’s account. The reporting person can be any employee of the company.



4. Travel reports

In addition to expense reports, we added the ability to enter SimplBooks travel reports. A convenient way to enter the money related to the business trip and also other expense documents related to the business trip, similar to the expense report.

5. Logbook

Similar to travel reports, SimplBooks allows you to enter work-related travel expenses. Currently, the tax-free benefit rate in Estonia is 335 EUR in one calendar month. The basis for compensation is the logbook.


6. Bank import updates and updated transaction views

In the summer, the identification of the counterparty (customer / supplier) was updated in the bank imports, and we made the identification of card payment transactions smarter also. In addition, attachments to accounting entries can now be downloaded in bulk as a single ZIP file.


In the new year, we will bring you even more exciting updates :)

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