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Importing bank transactions

Bank transactions are automatically imported into SimplBooks through the interfaces of Swedbank, SEB, Coop and LHV. Every morning, bank transactions are already imported and, if you wish, you can also turn on automatic processing, which automatically records all successfully detected transactions in your company’s accounting. Using bank interfaces will save you 1–5 hours every month. SimplBooks does not charge extra for the use of bank interfaces.

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Submitting VAT returns directly from SimplBooks

Submitting the monthly VAT return to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board is especially easy with SimplBooks because you can submit them through a machine-to-machine interface with just a few clicks. The data necessary for the VAT return is automatically added to the declaration in SimplBooks when entering sales and purchase invoices.

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More free time

Automatic depreciation entries

Depreciation entries of fixed assets are ALWAYS 100% automatic – some other software solutions require you to do them manually, but not SimplBooks. Write-offs and sales entries of fixed assets are also automatic. SimplBooks comes with the necessary presets, but you can configure them as you wish.

Automatic accounting entries

Accounting entries for various documents are created automatically, and previous periods can be easily locked so that data cannot be accidentally entered into the wrong period or changed in periods already declared. Automatic entries can be set up differently for each company.

Simple modification and correction of entries and accounting data

Correcting and deleting entries and other transactions in SimplBooks is easy . At the same time, you don’t have to fear that someone will accidentally delete something because you can lock previous periods and restrict permissions very precisely. Also, all user activities leave behind a digital footprint.

More security

More security

Detailed configuration of permissions

In SimplBooks, you can create an unlimited number of user groups according to the needs of the company. Some groups are preset to make the implementation of the software easier. If you wish, you can change the existing groups or create new ones. For example, the sales team can only see sales invoices and receivables, or everyone except for accountants are prohibited from changing report settings.

User activity log and data recovery

Every environment allows you to see the user activity log. This is useful, for example, when you need to investigate why a particular transaction was entered. In cases of severe disorganisation or accidentally deleted data, we can help you restore the previous state.

Locking previous periods

Locking the data of previous periods in SimplBooks is just as easy as editing documents and entries. For example, if an accountant has already checked and declared the previous month’s VAT return data, it makes sense to lock this period so that no data can be entered or edited. Locking a period prevents data from being entered, edited or deleted. It is also easy to unlock the period should the need ever arise.

Suited for you

Suited for you

For businesses

Easy preparation and management of sales invoices with the possibility to send free e-invoices. In addition, you can prepare sales orders and price offers, manage customer relationships (CRM) and purchase invoices. You can design the look of your sales invoices and price offers (PDF). To get an overview of the company’s finances, there are various accounting reports. If needed, you can get accounting services from SimplBooks partners.

For accountants

SimplBooks is easy and flexible. The most common financial entries are generated automatically by the system. For example, financial entries for sales invoices, purchase invoices, expense reports, fixed assets, inventory documents and salaries are generated automatically. The chart of accounts and financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flows) are preset, but you can adjust them to suit your needs. There is VAT return with INF annexes, VD and TSD reports and a machine-to-machine interface for the submission of VAT returns. In addition, there are interfaces to send and receive e-invoices.

For traders and manufacturers

An unlimited number of warehouses with warehouse-based stock accounting. A register of items and inventory documents, delivery notes for sales invoices and shipments of goods between warehouses, inventory, write-offs. A simple production module with formulas to simplify the entry of repeat production or assembly. Interfaces with the online store platforms WooCommerce, Shopify and PrestaShop. For traders with retail chains, there is a Telema interface with both 2DOC and 4DOC support.

A range of options for your company:

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