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Software updates in September

Well, not all of them appeared exactly in September, we had, in fact, partially updated the SimplBooks login and the creation of business environments earlier. How? Why? Definitely, in order to make the use of our service more convenient and easier as a whole – especially on its initial stage. In terms of creating business environments, there are still important and rather big changes and improvements coming, but everything in its due course.

By the end of September, we updated the user registration form, login form and password reminder form. The changes were, on the one hand, so-called cosmetic and concerned the visual side, but, on the other hand, they technically prepared the introduction of next additions. For example, we simplified the user registration form by eliminating the need to enter a password a second time and by changing the password complexity requirements.

As another slightly bigger innovation, we visually and essentially changed the form for creating a new business environment. We reduced a number of required fields and in a better way highlighted the package to be selected and the duration of the trial period. We now largely fill in the hidden fields directly from the Commercial Register, and their content can be clearly seen in the next steps. In short, it is now easier to create a new business environment and we only ask for the information absolutely necessary.

Next bigger updates are coming in October!

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