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Production Module in SimplBooks

We added a simple production module to the SimplBooks environments for micro and small producers. With this simple production module, production documents can be added to accounting either manually or based on previously created formulas. As a result of production documents, the selected stock items (raw material) will become other items (semi-finished products or finished products) and, also, the necessary accounting entries will be drawn up by SimplBooks.

Formulas in accounting software

Concerning the production module, we added two new lists to the main menu item “WAREHOUSE”: formulas and production. The first is to add formulas for the simplification of production, whereas the number of formulas is not limited. The formula is a preset production sheet where you can set a production description, the default destination for semi-products or finished products, the list of raw materials for production, and the quantities of semi-products or finished products, along with the quantities available. Under “production”, you can also add the production documents based on previously described formulas.

Production module in accounting software

The result is a stock of final products in the selected warehouse, that can be added to the sales invoices. For greater clarity, it should be noted that this is a simple production module and not a production planning module.

Stocktaking is also available in SimplBooks, read more about it here!

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