New UI – eyes on the future

SimplBooks new user interface is here

We’ve created a completely new look and user interface (UI) that makes the previous user experience (UX) significantly simpler and more intuitive. Work on the new user interface was started 2 years ago in cooperation with the best UX designers and specialists.

We have now completely switched off the old design and UI, which means that you can’t switch back to the previous UI. This means we can fully focus on the new user interface and new features.

Why we developed a new user interface? – Read our blog post here!

More personal and customizable

We have become more personal and have taken into account the wishes of each user. Each user can configure several views more suitable for him. Be it favorite actions or, for example, setting up an entire view. With this, we create more opportunities for accountants and simpler software for entrepreneurs.

More options for the accountant

We have collected countless feedbacks and interviews from accountants and accounting agencies. We translated the feedback of accountants into the language of designers and brought the best experiences of designers into accounting. We honed the good and present it in a convenient and appetizing way, Au choix in French, with Financier crème chantilly for dessert.

The way it really should be. Bon appétit!

Use it in your smartphone

A computer may not always be at hand, which is why we have now put special emphasis on mobile phones. Simpler operations, less data, and highlighting the most important.

Fewer clicks, faster navigation

Different functions and actions are solved more logically and intuitively. You can do the work more efficiently and the SOFTWARE helps to finish it earlier.

New calendar for payroll

The new calendar provides a better overview of employees’ vacations, sick leaves and all events that affect wages. We gave more space to the calendar and made it easier to add events.

Faster data management

We have always emphasized open data. This means that all data should be easily imported and exported. In everyday life, we are used to changing the phone, phone number and phone operator easily and quickly. The same should happen in the field of economic data and accounting. The data is yours, the choice is yours. We are here to make it easier and more convenient for you!

Updated sales invoice

You can choose how you prepare new sales invoices:

Do you like to see the fields more compactly in two columns – Voilà!
Or you are used to navigating from top to bottom and seeing data in one column – Done!
As an accountant, you want to see all the invoice data at once and make everything visible – As you desire!
However, as an entrepreneur, half of the fields are redundant, because the charm lies in simplicity – no problem, we’ll hide it!

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