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TOP 7 SimplBooks updates in 2019

The old year has ended and year 2020 has begun – our team wishes all of you a Happy New Year! At the beginning of the year, we are even more diligent and busy and plan to bring you many new developments so that using the SimplBooks program will be more relaxed and convenient for you. We made a small summary of the top SimplBooks updates in the year 2019.

1. Code name ‘Gross system’

We made a system improvement that allows entering prices in different documents such as sales invoices, purchase invoices, offers, etc. with VAT. If you often sell products or services to private individuals or in an online shop and a final sales price with a VAT must be a predefined number, then this is the solution.

2. Sales orders

Sales orders have a separate register and settings, and the completed document chain on the sale side looks like this: Offer-> Sales Order-> Advance payment -> Sales invoice. Similarly to sales invoices, you can draw up separate document templates for sales orders. After saving your sales order, it can easily be compiled either as an advance payment or a sales invoice. Sales orders do not affect accounting, which means that they are not subject to a financial entry. Also, sales orders do not affect the warehouse (the products remain in the warehouse).

3. Purchase orders

You can send an order document for the purchase order to the supplier. After the order is processed and the goods have arrived, you can easily create a purchase invoice for the purchase order, and the goods will appear in the warehouse. The prices of the purchase orders are optional. Just like sales orders, the purchase orders do not affect the accounting or warehouse. Purchase order development is the first step towards future developments, aimed at a simple reflection of the entire commodity supply chain in the SimplBooks program.

4. VAT types

In the cases of sale or purchase, the VAT types allow you to apply the VAT rate (in percentage) and possible exemptions for the transaction. In SimplBooks, you can now include VAT type, instead of the percentage of VAT in sales and purchase invoices. There are no additional fields to be entered, but the updated field will hopefully make a variety of situations clearer to users and declaring VAT differences more automatic.


5. E-invoices

From July 2019, it was legally obligatory to start sending e-invoices to the entire public sector. E-invoice is a machine-readable invoice in XML format, which must conform to the Estonian e-invoice standard. In our program, it is possible to compile a sales invoice and choose to “Send the invoice” after saving it. Sending e-invoices in SimplBooks is free of charge. Also, SimplBooks can receive e-invoices thanks to the Omniva Accounting and Envoice interface – two interfaces we developed already in 2018.

6. Production module

We added a simple production module to the SimplBooks environments for micro and small producers. With this simple production module, production documents can be added to accounting either manually or based on previously created formulas. As a result of production documents, the selected stock items (raw material) will become other items (semi-finished products or finished products) and, also, the necessary accounting entries will be drawn up by SimpleBooks. Concerning the production module, we added two new lists to the main menu item “WAREHOUSE”: formulas and production.

7. Stocktaking

We added a stocktaking option to the warehouse module. With the stocktaking functionality, we added the option to print out the stock counting sheet. After inserting the counting sheet numbers, the SimplBooks system automatically prepares the necessary stock adjustment documents and accounting entries.

Stocktaking is now available in SimplBooks – take a look!

Also you can read about SimplBooks integrations with online stores here.

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