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SimplBooks new mailbox

Since the beginning of May, we have been quietly working on one major project, codenamed “Mailbox”. As part of this project, we have gradually replaced the notification page of our current system with a much more capable so-called mailbox. In short, in addition to our major update notifications, the new mailbox includes various error messages, reminders, and purchase invoices sent to a special address.

What for?

The current notification system has been long overdue, and there was no good place to inform users of various errors which arrived with some delay. To lift a veil, the updates to your mailbox do not really end there. Over time, we have received plenty of feedback on the notification system and users’ information needs, and we are now taking this feedback into account when developing a new, better solution.

SimplBooks new mailbox

What additional capabilities?

As mentioned above, we will continue to receive notifications of major updates. Besides, as early as about mid-July, we are sending various error messages to the inbox of the environments, which reach us with delays. Such error messages currently include undelivered e-mails and errors in payment order files sent to the bank via the interfaces.

On top of that, one major innovation is coming in a few weeks – namely, the inbox feature, which allows you to send a regular e-mail with an attached purchase invoice to an e-mail address created specifically for a particular corporate environment, which next can be imported directly into purchase invoices from the environmental mailbox. At this point, however, I have to contain ourselves for joy since in the first solution we still can’t read or process PDF invoices automatically. Anyway, an XML invoice in Estonian e-invoice format can be conveniently imported under purchase invoices. For PDF invoices, the invoice file is simply added to the purchase invoice attachment.

What’s next?

Planned additions in the distant future would not be published at the moment because …for several reasons :)
But I can promise that in the future, the mailbox will be a joy for all its users.


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