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Christmas poems about accounting

We bring you some accounting-themed Christmas poems from the SimplBooks creative team :)


Santa Claus, my dear friend,
Has your business thrived,
or is it just a trend?
I’m sorry, no time for a poetic twist,
But I assure you, I’ve been on the “nice” list.

I’ve submitted my VAT and income tax,
But what about you, on what tracks?
How’s the reindeer herd, living up north,
And did you file your annual report?

If the last one’s pending, don’t worry, I’m here,
To assist you, my friend, no need to fear.
Or is the cash hidden in an envelope small?
Let me know, Santa, I’ll answer your call.


We three come along,
from the realm of accounting song.
Sweet numbers grace our balance sheet,
and entries, in order, neat.

Now, in December, we gaze,
at the Christmas tree ablaze,
Contemplating benefits in kind,
with paragraphs firmly in mind.

We believe, with certainty,
to bring you joy and glee,
But alas, the tardy receipts,
are still missing from our feats.


Entrepreneur’s tale:

Oh, accountant, dear accountant,
How green are your numbers, so vibrant!
Not a single receipt can I,
Successfully deliver to your sky.

Oh, accountant, oh, accountant,
Why the need for the twentieth,
Cheques, invoices, and reports galore,
I haven’t seen them, not one bit more.

But in my utmost hour of need,
From you, I seek correct deeds.
For bank clerks inquire with their might,
And tax uncles drill into the night.


The accountant wields strong internal might,
No patrol visits in the night.
Depreciation graces fixed assets’ space,
Ensuring no declaration goes unembraced.

A balanced balance sheet awaits your glance,
With it, the financial stance.
No worries linger, all in tune,
In the realm of finance, a harmonious tune.


Throughout the year, income flowed,
Oh, the woes, expenses grew, it showed.
Adding up assets, tallying the debts,
Why go through so many frets?
The new year is near,
Financial report in June, let’s cheer!


Foreign capital or equity to bear,
Guides us with good accounting care.
The profit statement, yet unshown,
But I assure you, the data’s well known.

Next year, I pledge to be more precise,
Dutiful, meticulous, and concise!


I became an accountant, that’s my role,
Next year, an entrepreneur, reaching my goal.
Bookkeeping is simple, it’s true,
When reading is clear, the tasks are few.

It’s vital to distinguish with care,
Between assets and liabilities laid bare.



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