Is it secure to use SimplBooks?

Yes, its secure. Each client has a separate database, along with a unique, non-public access. Furthermore, the connection between your computer and the SimplBooks server is encrypted. Our security certificate has been approved by RapidSSL. We are using up to 256-bit encryptions. Also automatic logout and password protection.

How many users I can create?


How can I cancel my subscription to SimplBooks?

You can simply send us an e-mail at info@simplbooks.ee, indicating your intention to cancel the service. We will then delete your account and consider the agreement as terminated. You will have no further commitments. It is as simple as that. You can restore your account (and data) within 6 months.

Are there any fees for software upgrades and developments?

No. All upgrades and developments are free of charge to all users, and are included in the package price. The upgrades are automatic. System upgrades will not suspend accounting, but are rather designed to simplify and expedite your work.

Does the SimplBooks service have any extra fees or hidden charges?

No. SimplBooks comes without any extra fees or hidden charges. All charges for the services are included in the price list.

Is there a user manual for the SimplBooks software?

Yes. The user manual for SimplBooks is available at support.simplbooks.ee. The instructions are constantly updated.

Can the SimplBooks software be used offline?

No. SimplBooks can only be used if you have an internet connection.

If the demo version revealed a missing feature, does this mean that SimplBooks is not suitable for me?

The SimplBooks software is continually evolving. We strive to make it even smarter and more convenient to use. Should you find that the software lacks a certain feature, please contact us straight away. We will provide you with a prompt response on whether and when such a feature could be added. We are quite aware of the demand for new features.

Is SimplBooks also compatible with a Mac (Apple) computer?

Yes. Since SimplBooks is designed as a web-based service, it can easily be used in Mac (Apple computers), Windows, Linux, etc..