Author: Annika

Holidays and shortened workdays in Estonia 2021-2022

04 January in Useful

Among friends and colleagues the conversation topics often includes the discussion of days-off and shortened workdays. Hereby the public holidays of the years 2021-2022 (days-off) and shortened workdays are presented. Share information with colleagues and friends. Public holidays in 2021 (days off)   1st January – New Year’s...

SimplBooks IoB projektis

CEO of SimplBooks Jaanus Reismaa about the Iob project: „We want to bring more open data and more automation to our clients“

06 October in Latest updates

In the last week of September, a webinar on data-based reporting and accounting was held, where SimplBooks was also represented. The webinar talks about the nature of data-based reporting and its connection with accounting. In addition, there is talk of activities of public and private...