Periodic billing in SimplBooks

Periodic billing in SimplBooks

7. March 2023, 10:59 in Latest updates

At the beginning of February, the long-awaited periodic invoices were added to SimplBooks. What are they? Who needs them? How can I use them? A little more about it in a moment.

What are these periodic or recurring bills

Essentially, if you need to send one or more of your customers the same invoice, for example, every month or every quarter, then periodic invoicing is for you. With a simple and straightforward setup, they help you create rules that the SimplBooks system follows to generate the invoices you need at the right time, and send them out fully automatically when necessary.

Periodic Bills

Who needs these periodic bills?

As described in the previous section, they are particularly useful for companies that issue invoices with similar content to the same customers at certain intervals, such as SimplBooks for its customers. Typically, such automation will be of benefit to either periodic service providers or, why not, for example, housing associations.

How can I use periodic invoices

For a more detailed and somewhat more technical guide on how to use and set up recurring billing, please visit our user manual environment HERE. In addition, it should be noted that this is a premium functionality and therefore you need the SimplBooks Premium package to use recurring billing. You can activate the Premium package by selecting “My profile – Billing – Manage environments – Edit plan” from the top right corner.

In short, that’s all I had to say. If you are interested, be sure to read the user manual. Among other things, I would like to mention that there are a number of other mass features planned to be added to the Premium package.

We wish you joyful and sunshine-filled lengthening days :)

Adeliina Bagautdinov
  • Eric 14. March 2023, 17:10 Reply

    Hello Adeliina !

    Thanks for this great info and this great new feature !

    One thing : i can change my plan in my settings… there is no way to manage it…

    Kind regards


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