Updated VAT statement in SimplBooks

Updated VAT statement in SimplBooks

20. January 2022, 13:46 in Latest updates

Recently we updated our SimplBooks VAT statement. Before the update, the main VAT statement was under “Accounting -> VAT statement” and to submit that report you had to download two files: main VAT return report + forms of INF under “Reports -> VAT report”. From now, there is an easier way to do that. You can just download a whole VAT statement as an XML- file and conveniently upload it to e-MTA. VAT return is under “Accounting -> VAT statement


VAT statement INF forms A and B can be found in the VAT report view under the main report.  The VD report is located under the INF annexes.

How to submit VAT statement now (from file)?

You can find a simple guide to this in our Help Center here.

After the changes, it is no longer possible to view the INF sections or the VD report under the reports (“Reports -> VAT report”).

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