SimplBooks has the “Strongest in Estonia 2020” recognition

SimplBooks has the “Strongest in Estonia 2020” recognition

23. October 2020, 14:50 in Latest updates

2020 has been a very successful and busy year for SimplBooks so far, and before the end of the year we also reached the level of the most successful companies in Estonia, and we are very happy about it!

Stronger in Estonia label SimplBooks

The “Strongest in Estonia 2020” label was issued by the credit informationcompany AS Creditinfo Eesti. Creditinfo Rating is an assessment given to a company, which is determined as a cumulative grade based on economic, financial and payment behaviour. SimplBooks has a valid credit rating of AA, which means it is very good. This is a great achievement for us, because only 7.1% of Estonian companies have a very good AA rating.

The credit report stated that SimplBooks has not incurred any current payment defaults or debts. In addition, a summary of the economic and financial situation was provided:

Economic situation: revenues have increased over the last two years. Profitability is very good. Equity is sufficient. During recent periods, fixed capital has remained at a minimum level.

Financial situation: financial solvency ratio is very good, liquidity ratio is very good, payment readiness multiplier is very good, cash flow is fast. Debt ratio is at a very good level, the company does not depend significantly on debts. Profitability indicators: net profitability is very good, return on assets is very good.

Jaanus Reismaa, the CEO of SimplBooks, comments on the importance of a good credit rating: „A credit rating is a good overview for new clients or partners, for example, who may not have heard of us before, without having to comb through various registers or examine the annual report. The fact that it is an „independent third party“ adds to the increased credibility.

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Annika Randmann

Annika is involved in digital marketing at SimplBooks and writes about various topics related to accounting, business and software innovation.

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