New dashboard in SimplBooks

New dashboard in SimplBooks

25. September 2020, 08:40 in Latest updates

Everything is new in September! Maybe not everything, but the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder as every year it does, the whole world is still struggling with the coronavirus…

However, there are exciting moments in SimplBooks again since several big and exciting updates are coming soon. Although a little late compared to what we ourselves hoped for, but still. The first to take the stage…. (Drum Buzz)…. Renewed company overview.


Company overview or as it is called in foreign software – a ’dashboard’ – has been present in SimplBooks software for many years. So far, however, it has been in a form dictated by us, and let’s be honest – there weren’t too many concise charts and some pieces of information that were important on a daily basis were missing. We have now made some adjustments in this regard! Namely, we supplemented the company overview page with several new graphs and tables and made the overview configurable by the user. And every user of the company, who has the right to see the company overview, can shape this view according to his / her interests.

Perhaps the most telling and important additions to this view are the display of unpaid and overdue invoices (with graphs), the display of summary payroll and summarised tax information. We also integrated the bank import view into the company overview.

And yet … if you see that an important piece of information is still missing from the company overview page, feel free to let us know. Who knows … maybe we can fill that gap.


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Annika Randmann

Annika is involved in digital marketing at SimplBooks and writes about various topics related to accounting, business and software innovation.

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